Friday, August 29, 2008

McDonalds or Farmer's Market

Friday morning's I treat myself to a scone from one of my favorite bread vendors at the Farmer's Market in Union Square. I usually make my purchase and head straight to work but this morning I took a little time to walk the length of the market. The farmers were still setting up but customers were already strolling sleepily into their stalls to check out the fresh produce. Along the way I saw a Greenmarket manager give the egg lady a high five, maybe to celebrate that they made it to the end of summer. Another vendor was loading purple peppers into a milk crate and an organic milk vendor was knitting to pass the time between customers.
As I reached the north end of Union Square a well dressed young man was walking between two vendor stalls with a small red and yellow paper bag, his purchase from McDonalds. Every time I walk through the market, I marvel at these people that would rather purchase an egg mcmuffin than support a local small business. The same with the fruit vendor just south of the square. People line up to get bing cherries or bananas whose origin is unknown when they could have peaches and plums from local farmers if they walk another two blocks.

Am I the odd one or are they?